Superpower Skills for the Next Generation of Coders

Let’s show you how to create and build almost anything with the tap of a button, and a combination of codes

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Why Next Gen?

NextGen is an initiative of The Bulb Africa.

NextGen is an online learning program that brings the collaborative spirit of a coding Bootcamp directly to your child’s desktop. They will learn in small groups and work on hands-on projects such as building websites or creating products.

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Next Gen is built just for you

We have courses for you no matter who you are

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Give your kids a head start into the future!

Give your child the chance to explore the world of tech with courses curated specially for them at NextGen!

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For kids between the ages 7-17, we have a track for you

Take a quick quiz to find out the right path for you. 

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Learning is faster when it’s fun! And learning is fun at NextGen

Our courses are designed to help kids flex their creativity and experiment with the newest and best programming tools

Our Programs

We have the right progran tailored for your kid

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A 4 – week program where we introduce the learners to the concept of programming, design, and robotics. We engage top tier tutors and operate a personalized learner-focused curriculum.

NextGen one-on-one tutoring

Dive into the world of coding from the comfort of your room with our expert facilitators.  

NextGen weekend class

We offer weekend classes that run through the school year. Your child will have the opportunity to learn the most with NextGen as an extra-curricular activity.

NextGen school club

We bring the NextGen Club to your school with perks such as internship positions in our tech company.

Acquire the skills to last a lifetime

During this training, classes on soft skills such as emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills will be taught and practised,

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Our Course Timeline

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School Partnership

We bring the NextGen Club to your school with perks such as internship positions in our tech company

Give the NextGen program as a gift

Join us in our mission to increase the availability of quality education to many kids all over Africa. You can choose to register kids and help them gain access to our program

Here’s how we make it happen 

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Project-based learning

Our approach supports inquiry-based learning through student engagement. Projects carried out help reveal children’s hidden talents.

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Design Thinking Approach

Design Thinking Approach We believe that the main aim of learning to code or building robots is to solve problems. Therefore, we emphasize creative problem solving for learners

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Friendly & Experienced Tutors

We specially handpick tested and trusted experts with a rounded knowledge of programming, computer science, computer architecture, robotics, and the IoT.

Find out what’s right for you.

Take a placement test now  

Find out what’s right for you.

Take a placement test now  

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