Become a Sought-After Product Manager

Give yourself a chance to EARN BIG. Did you know a professional product manager earns $159,802/annum?

In this training, you’ll;

  • Identify and create opportunities for new products. 
  • Conduct market research and analyze competitors. 
  • Navigate the product development lifecycle. 
  • Define product vision and strategy. 
  • Build effective product roadmaps. 
  • Implement product development methodologies. 
  • Develop a business model canvas for product success. 
  • Execute successful product launches. 
  • Understand metrics and analytics for product evaluation. 
  • Engage in effective business communication and stakeholder management 
  • Get certified and land your dream job with our expert guidance 
Project Manager

11 Cumulative modules, 288 hours of hands-on product management technical training, 40 hours of soft skills, and 160 hours of collaborative projects


Change your life by learning Product Managememnt

Learn the skills of a product manager with a micro class around the world. Complete case studies, join live online classes, and publish your job-ready Portfolio during our live Fellowship training.

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Product Management Curriculum

Learn-by doing with live classes

We believe every African talent has the potential to be tech innovators, and the Fellowship program packed with in-damand tech courses is designed to help them reach their potential

Flaunt your well-deserved expertise and boost your profile. According to LinkedIn, individuals who showcase their credentials receive 6 times more profile views compared to those who don’t. 

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Enhance your profile by adding your certificates, proudly share your achievements with the global audience, and become part of our esteemed alumni network. 

Meet our facilitators

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Choose Your Preferred Level and SAVE BIG!

Pick the level that suits your skills and ambitions. Our Product Management training offers fundamental and professional courses.

Unlock special discounts: enroll in all two levels and save 10%.




Are you curious about Product Management? Enrol in our introductory course. Go from beginner to gaining a practical understanding of product management.




Go beyond concepts to actual product management. Take up real-world projects, get certified, and land your dream job with our expert guidance.

Product Management Career Paths

Master ways to develop apps and solve problems in a variety of industries and domains. 

Average Career Earnings


/ Annum

Possible Career Paths

Fun Fact

Product management has its roots in the early days of Silicon Valley, where it emerged as a critical role in the development of new software and hardware products.

Is this program right for me?

This program is an excellent fit for: 

  • Aspiring product managers looking to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively manage and launch successful products.
  • Individuals who enjoy the intersection of business strategy, user experience, and technology and want to drive product innovation.
  • Anyone interested in overseeing the entire product lifecycle, from ideation and market research to product launch and optimization.
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