Become a Top-Notch DevOps Engineer

Give yourself a chance to EARN BIG. Did you know a professional DevOps Engineer earns $104,642/annum?

Acquire skills that facilitate communication between developers and IT operators, ensuring that companies worldwide deliver software solutions faster in a stabilized operating environment. 

In this training, you’ll;

  • Understand DevOps principles throughout the software development lifecycle. 
  • Deploy and manage applications on AWS and Azure cloud platforms. 
  • Administer LINUX systems and automate tasks using shell scripting. 
  • Set up continuous integration and deployment for faster software delivery. 
  • Streamline application deployment using Docker containers. 
  • Efficiently manage containers with Kubernetes for scalability. 
  • Utilize configuration management tools for easier infrastructure setup. 
  • Automate infrastructure tasks with powerful automation tools. 
  • Monitor system performance in real-time with monitoring tools 
  • Get certified and land your dream job with our expert guidance 
Dev Ops

15 cumulative modules. 384 hours of hands-on DevOps technical training, 64 hours of soft skills, and 320 hours of collaborative projects.


Change your life by learning DevOps

Learn the skills of a developer with a micro class around the world. Complete case studies, join live online classes using programming tools and publish your job-ready Portfolio during our live Fellowship training.

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DevOps Curriculum

Learn-by doing with live classes

We believe every African talent has the potential to be tech innovators, and the Fellowship program packed with in-damand tech courses is designed to help them reach their potential

Flaunt your well-deserved expertise and boost your profile. According to LinkedIn, individuals who showcase their credentials receive 6 times more profile views compared to those who don’t. 

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Enhance your profile by adding your certificates, proudly share your achievements with the global audience, and become part of our esteemed alumni network. 

Meet our facilitators

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Simple, transparent pricing

Our payment plans are flexible, so you can focus on learning. You either pay upfront or after the completion of your program. Please be aware that the physical learning model costs an additional NGN60,000 (Nigerian Naira). 




Select your preferred course, and you’ll be redirected to the payment page. Upfront payment guarantees your enrolment into the program 



Split payments into monthly instalments and pay 30% upfront to secure your enrolment in the program. 



Apply and get screened for financial aid from our partners, and pay after completing your training. Note that applying for a student loan does NOT guarantee admission, as only shortlisted candidates will be accepted.

DevOps Career Paths

Perfect how to build robust and scalable apps with this powerful framework. 

Average Career Earnings


/ Annum

Possible Career Paths

Fun Fact

DevOps is arguably the single most influential trend in software development. That’s reflected in the fact DevOps engineer is currently one of the most in-demand IT roles.

Is this program right for me?

This program is an ideal fit for: 

  • Tech enthusiast who wants to learn how to bridge the gap between development and operations, enabling faster and more efficient software delivery.
  • System administrators or IT professionals looking to automate infrastructure management and streamline deployment processes.
  • Anyone in the IT space aiming to enhance their skills in managing and monitoring complex systems and optimizing resource utilization.
  • Anyone interested in the intersection of software development, operations, and continuous delivery, and eager to become a versatile DevOps professional.
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