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Our one-on-one tutoring brings the exciting realm of coding to kids, providing personalized guidance and support. Unleash your child’s potential and let them embark on a coding journey that is engaging, interactive, and tailored just for them. Join us and watch their coding skills soar! 

Learning outcome:

  • Web Development: Create awesome websites! 
  • Graphics Design: Design captivating graphics! 
  • Scratch: Build interactive adventures! 
  • Python Coding: Bring ideas to life! 
  • Robotics: Engineer amazing robots! 
  • Logic & Problem-Solving: Embark on coding adventures! 
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Choose from a variety of on-demand tech courses with at least 48 of active learning, real-world projects, group discussions & study material.

NextGen one-on-one tutoring

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NextGen One-on-One Tutoring - Courses

We believe every child has the potential to be a tech innovator, and the NextGen program packed with in-demand tech courses is designed to help spark creativity, unleash imagination, and nurture future tech superstars. 


Web Design

HTML and CSS are the two essential coding languages for designing and building websites. HTML, the foundation of all websites is used to create the structure and content of a website while CSS is used to style the appearance of a website. 

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Graphics Design

Develop that innate creativity by learning to communicate ideas with text and images. You will learn to design icons, layout pages, and dial typography

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Make the most of your creative side by learning how to design, construct, and operate machines (robots) that perform tasks that humans normally perform.

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Scratch is a visual programming language that allows you easily build interactive games and programs without writing out the code

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JavaScript is a programming language used to create web-based applications and web browsers. It is an excellent foundation for learning advanced.

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Python is an easy to learn object-oriented programming language. NASA, Google, Netflix, Spotify and countless more use the language to help power their services.

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